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Acharekar Film Studio

In persuit of Dreams........!

Director  - Prasad Anand Acharekar has always been a storyteller since his childhood days. He pursued his Education from Thane school of Art and Sir J.J school of Art in Drawing and Painting. Writing Psychological thriller is his genre, he adds mind twisting sequences in his scripts. In his stories we see realistic Characters and Environments and further he takes the audience deep into the mindscapes of persons and personalities.

"Akalpith" (2012)  Marthi film Writer, Director.

“Your Illusory world is not just a fragment of fiction but it might just exist though be in Mind one can live a life time in it.” Prasad Acharekar.

Neeshank Mathure - Cinematographer

Being a product of Whistling Woods, trained under and worked as assistant to Ace Cinematographers like National award winner Shri. Rajan Kothari. and Shri Vinod Pradhan, Neeshank is bound to produce quality images. His calm and cool attitude is the one that wins him a lot of praises. 


  • Akalpith. (2012) Marathi Film.
  • Jhansi ki Rani. (T.V. Serial)
  • Shobha Somnath ki. (T.V. Serial)
  • Chota Sheher Badi Baat. (T.V. Serial)
  • Story teller. (T.V. Serial)
  • Fear files. (T.V. Serial)

 Has shot numerous Adds

Awards and Achievements

Shot “A little bit of France” for French film festival.

Won the best film award at the 48 Hr film making contest.

Won the best non fiction film award at Nokia Mobile Film Competition  

Amit Kodoth - Cinematographer

Amit is a pass out from Whislting Woods and a friend of Driector Prasad Acharekar.  They have been friends since thier training days and so have a understanding of each others visions and work.  
"Amit is a cinematographer who takes all your tension away his presence on set is assurance that work is due on schedule. No matter what, he is always on top of any situation, always standing besides the director facing any challenge right from pre production till post production of the film." Prasad Acharekar.

Satish Chipkar - Art Director

Satish Chipkar is a multi talented Art director who can at times pull out the most impossible of tasks, his never give up approach makes him a must on set for many Directors. Working as sankatmochan for numerous projects he has won the spot of one of the foremost of the Art directors today. If the movie is to be shot on Mumbai slums & Gangwar it has to be Satish Chipkar to create the sets and location for the subject. His mastery over the ageing and texturing required for such movies is unmatched.  

Shooter (2012)- Unreleased Art Director

Shout (2012)- Unreleased Art Director

Jeena Hai To Thok Dal (2012)Art Director

Shabri (2011)Art DirectorBuy

The Stoneman Murders (2009)Art Director

D (2005)Art Director

Ab Tak Chhappan (2004)Art Director

Technical Director – Snehal Pendurkar pursued her Education in Commercial Art from L.S. Raheja School of Art and then Mastered the field of computer graphics and multimedia. She has command over some of the most complicated and cutting edge software’s like Autodesk Maya, Compositing, Rotoscoping and Match moving, FCP, Adobe Premiere CS6, Photoshop CS6, etc.

As a writer, a film is a thought first and then it is cultivated into a full fledge script. Many of the people in the industry don’t know a simple rule, “If it’s not on the page, it isn’t on the stage”. For every other department to show their skill; it has to be a good script first, but it takes a lot to bring it on page. She is the one who cultivates the thought to a screenplay. She is the one who supervise the work of the film from Preproduction, Production to Post Production.